I'm going crazy. That seems to me the most sensible thing to do

Is the busy world of one-sided observation less and less interested in the development outside its frame, unless it satisfies the moment?

The media are to blame! No, there you are wrong m.E.n., because this development decodes only, how stupidity uses the technology. Topics, which are important for their future, like families, food, development, environment, … are lost in the frenzy of brief distractions.

Clicks on Twitter, TikTok, … reflect the aberration of democracy and although reason shows it, the ball of responsibility haunts increasingly insane topics.

But who is to blame? It’s definitely not the media, since, as part of an income-dependent clerical class, it merely has to reproduce the big-headed effusions of the publisher and media mogul caste. But at least a comparison with other countries allows everything to still take place on the ground of freedom of the press and information.

It is a principle why we go on and on. The comparison on the screen replaces the motivation, because life is manipulation. Comparison toward something seemingly better or away from something threatening is what drives them.

Most of today’s images do not reflect reality and are more like the search for what should have been there first. Egg or chicken.

From my point of view I - which I hope will continue to change - everything is part of an evolution. Also values will develop continuously - see ‚social desirability‘ - today we snub ourselves about cultures and laws of other countries, without having the reason, from which history the own culture has crawled up, has blossomed sometimes, has decayed sometimes, to blossom then again.

From my point of view II - I hope to keep on learning - with the insight of being part of a perpetual development, the focus - example, where we will be in 50 years - is to be questioned.
The ROMI guide: „Seek, find, nurture and connect potential for a future for our children“, may have little acceptance into the world of greed and profit, but the course of events will show that this system is dying because human tomorrow is destroying according to the motto „After me the flood of meaning“.

But don’t panic - or better yet - the world will keep turning, always in the rhythm of ‚new‘ - ‚preserve‘ - ‚destroy‘. I am aware of this - and hope to be allowed to keep on learning, to find, promote and connect the potential around me, so that I can look my daughter Romy in the eye. This is something we should discuss, can you look your children in the eye?

While some cling to values of yesterday (Confucius, Buddha, Torah, Bible, Koran, …), a new picture is building up: What if God is a team of scientists and we are merely an experiment?